what is smart body & Mind


Smart Body & Mind is a website passionately dedicated to providing true information and resources on the three pillars of optimal nutrition, fitness and mindset in a manner that’s simple and maintainable for life.


We specialize in providing simple yet powerful information, guidance and services to help each individual reach their unique level of optimal health, fitness and happiness through proper nutrition, customized fitness programs and positive mindset habits. By being part of the Smart Body & Mind "SMART" community, you’ll have access to simple healthy recipes, simple effective workouts, healthy lifestyle tips, nutrition meal plans, healthy food prep guidance, mindset and motivation support and much more to help you live a fully vibrant, healthy and fit life!


sbm nutrition


In our modern world, eating optimally and nutritiously can be a challenge, leaving many feeling unhealthy, unhappy, and not as fit as desired. The good news is that one can combat stress, sleep issues, digestive problems, fatigue, being overweight, and many other such health issues by adopting the SBM nutrition philosophies into your everyday life! At SBM we take an individualized approach to nutrition, looking at the whole of the body on a deep, cellular level. We understand how the food you consume affects your body in either a positive or negative way.


Rather than focusing on calories, we focus on truly nourishing your body with a variety of fresh, whole, real foods (and when necessary, high quality supplementation) to bring about greater health, healing and results. SBM nutrition focuses on food quality first and foremost, making sure it’s truly nourishing to the body and that it’s working as a powerful tool to your benefit. To be fit and achieve true wellness, every food choice should be in complete harmony with the body, communicating at a cellular level that you desire optimal health each and every day. 


We include simple healthy recipes, nourishing foods tips, clean eating meal plans, meal prep guidance, cooking guidance, healthy travel tips, fat loss tips, and much more in our individualized approach to nutrition and wellness. We help you create eating habits that truly nourish your mind and body! 



Because no two bodies are exactly alike, we also take an individual approach to fitness. Fitness should be an activity that nourishes the body and mind, not something that depletes it or detracts from optimal health.

To us, optimal fitness includes a comprehensive look at proper biomechanics and exercise form, optimal movement patterns, muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular strength and endurance, flexibility and mobility and stability. When all core areas of fitness are included, it helps create a fitness lifestyle, and leads to lasting and healthy weight loss.

Not addressing each core area of fitness can result in an overall lack of health and fitness and can also lead to stiffness, aches, pain and injuries.  When done properly, we believe that fitness can be a powerful tool to support optimal functioning of the body, bringing about incredible health, wellness and fulfillment.

We include simple effective workouts, fitness plans, personal training, healthy weight loss tips, travel fitness guidance, and much more in our comprehensive approach to fitness, to help your fitness program be truly nourishing to your mind and body! 




Our mind is the most powerful tool and resource we have! Adopting an elevated, positive mindset can do wonders for your happiness and your long-term health, fitness and overall wellness results.

Adopting the right mindset helps you to enjoy the journey of becoming healthier and more fit, and helps you implement actions that become lifestyle habits for success. Before you can be truly successful in any area, you must have a mindset that is serving you.

Because your mindset is so crucial to your success, SBM focuses on mindset change by incorporating positive mindset habits into all we do, to not only allow you to get and maintain the results you desire, but to enjoy and have FUN in the process of becoming the happiest, healthiest, most fit you yet!

We include mindset and motivation guidance, positive mindset tips, guidance for improved mindset health, positive affirmations for success, mindfulness strategies, stress reduction techniques, and much more in our approach to helping you incorporate mindset change to use your mind to create your version of success!